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Embedded Systems Training Centers In Bangalore

3D Modeling and Embedded Systems

A language makes expressing ideas easy. Today’s mainstream programming languages are ill-suited for expressing multimedia animation (3D, 2D and sound), both in their basic paradigm and their vocabulary. These languages support what we call “presentation-oriented” programming, in which the essential nature of animation, i.e., what animation is, is lost in details of ways to present it. We should consider what kind of language is suitable for capturing the essence of animation and presenting one.

An alternative to “presentation-oriented” programming, namely “modeling,” in which the animation model is described, leaving presentation separate task and to be automated. This idea of modelling has been applied fruitfully in the area of non-animated 3D graphics which is almost widely accepted.

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While imperative programming languages are suited to presentation-oriented programming, the modelling approach requires a different kind of language. Unfortunately, bringing a useful new language into being is quite a daunting task, requiring the design of semantics and syntax, implementation of compilers and environment tools, and writing of educational material.

However, as Peter Landin taught thirty years ago, one can logically separate a language into (a) a domain-specific vocabulary and (b) a domain-independent way of composing more complicated things from simple ones.

A “host language” and a “domain-specific embedded language” (DSEL) combine to make a language. If the same host language is reused for different vocabularies, the cost of its creation over more uses can be devised. We are lucky that we have various candidate languages to choose from. diploma in multimedia and animation in India

AECTL is one of the leading embedded training institutes in India. The institute has trained 3000+ students for more than two decades and boasts of its highly qualified and experienced trainers, and renowned visiting faculties, updated and techno-savvy curriculum, and esteemed training procedure.

Reference: Modeling Interactive 3D and Multimedia Animation with an Embedded Language by Conal Elliott

#27, 1st Floor, 1st main,Dr.Rajkumar Road,4TH N Block,
Rajajinagar,Opp: Mahindra Two Wheelers, Bangalore- 560010

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Date Listed: 31-05-2018

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