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Diploma In Multimedia And Animation In India

Role of Embedded Systems in Automobiles

An embedded system can be defined as an electronic system that is designed to control and access data in electronics-based systems. It a single chip microcontroller like cortex, ARM and also microprocessors, FPGAs, DSPs, and ASICs. Today embedded system is used far and wide. The challenge is that the software programmed into the microcontroller can solve only a limited set of problems.

With technological advancements, the use of the embedded system in automobiles has increased rapidly. Almost every automobile manufacturer has incorporated embedded systems in cars for functions like ignition, security and audio systems. Embedded systems along with technological innovations are trying to make the vehicle energy efficient, network savvy and safer. Do you know that Volkswagen was the first ever automobile manufactured to use the embedded system in the automobile industry in 1968?

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Embedded Systems’ Applications:
As discussed earlier, Embedded systems have a vast variety of applications from low to high-cost consumer electronics, industrial equipment, medical devices, weapon control systems, aerospace systems, entertainment devices and academic materials.

The applications of embedded systems are shown below.
• Home Appliances: Washing machines, oven, security systems, dishwashers, DVD, AC etc.
• Automobile: Airbags, GPS, anti-locking brakes, fuel injection controller devices, etc.
• Office Automation: Copy Machine, Fax, modem, smartphone system, printer, and scanners.
• Entertainment: Video games, mp3, smart toys, etc.
• Security: Building security, face recognition, airport security, eye recognition, alarm system, finger recognition, etc.
• Industrial Automation: Voltage, hazard detecting systems, temperature, current, data collection, assembly line, a method for monitoring pressure.
• Aerospace: Flight attitude controller, navigational systems, space robotics, automatic landing system, space explorer, etc.
• Medical: ECG, EMG, BP Monitor, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, Glucose monitor.
• Banking and Finance: Share market, ATM, cash register, smart vendor machine.
• Telecommunication: Cellular phone, webcam, hub, routerS, IP Phone.
• Personal: Data organizer, iPhone, palmtop, PDA.

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