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Home Wanted for Lovely Cat

I need a good home for a lovely female cat of 10 years old. She is a gentle soul, quite nervous and is quite happy to be a house-cat although she can go out. She is quite nervous of other animals so would not be a suitable companion for other pets. Leela would be an ideal companion for someone who is home-bound or lives in a flat. She is affectionate but like all cats it is on her terms only. She loves being brushed and likes nothing more tan being stroked whilst you are watching television. She is actually a good mouser and when I lived in the country, she would often bring back field mice and other prey.

Leela is a spayed Queen and has had all the relevant injections. She is house-trained and uses a litter-tray. She does prefer to eat pouched wet food and does take high quality biscuits like Iams or Purina. She is picky with her food and will not eat cooked food like chicken or fish when put into her tray. But, she will take it as morsels when you are eating. Because of her nervous nature, she would not be suitable with young children, Ideally suit a single person who goes out to work but is not often away or an older house-bound person. Leela is a lovely companion.

She is available to a good home and an owner who will take good care of her. I do not seek payment and I am happy to give food-bowls, litter tray and a good quality carrying box. She is a small cat and although she is 11 years old, many people confuse her for a kitten.

So if you would like a quiet cat who is a good companion, please get in touch. I am keen she goes to a good home and I can be assured that she will be well cared for. I am reluctantly homing her because I find I am away from home quite often plus I am developing an allergy to her and also provide a telephone number. Please reply with some details about the circumstances in which she will be living and your contact details.

Kind regards

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Location: London
Advertiser: mustrumdavid
Date Listed: 25-02-2013

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